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Product Review by Wanda Garner

When I suggested to my husband that we campout in a barn the night before the first day of modern gun season, I did not consider the fact that the temps might drop drastically from the unseasonably warm weather we had been experiencing here in the Ozarks. Sure enough, as we counted down the days to opening weekend, we realized that the low temperatures would be in the mid 20's.

Regardless, we packed our jeep with our hunting gear and headed to our destination. Our plans were to pitch our Coleman® tent in an old barn sitting between two fields where we had been watching many whitetail deer feeding both in the mornings and evenings. By camping out, we hoped to avoid spooking the deer when driving into the area in the early morning hours and increasing our chances of seeing some great bucks the first morning.

I had chosen my clothing for this adventure wisely, starting with the Web Foots Body Sock®. In fact, I left the house wearing the Body Sock, planning to sleep in it throughout the night. Come morning, I would wear my camo jeans and long sleeve tee shirt over this and if necessary, wear a jacket. With a good pair of wool socks and my Danner® boots, I was ready to go.

Some may question whether or not I was dressed warmly enough. My eighty-year-old mother would have demanded I dress warmer and insisted on more layers, but with the Web Foots Body Sock®, I knew that would not be necessary.

I love to endorse a great product and the Web Foots Body Sock® is one that I proudly stand behind in being everything that the manufacturer says it is, plus more. The Body Sock is a one-piece undergarment specifically designed for cold weather climates and is the perfect warm underwear for anyone who hunts, fishes, or participates in any outdoor winter activity. The garment was initially designed for hunters, but is the perfect outfit for those who have to be outside in wintry conditions, including farmers, construction workers, anglers, divers, and other individuals who just like to be outside. Nowhere have I found another one-piece thermal underwear that out-performs or even comes close to comparing to the Body Sock. It's soft, comfy, and fits like a sock, stretching in all directions to fit perfectly against the skin for warmth and without bulk, making it perfect for layering clothing. With a little experimenting, I have found the perfect comfort zone when layering my clothes wearing the Body Sock and have successfully eliminated heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable layers, which have hampered my hunting in previous seasons. It's perfect for those cool mornings of bow hunting and the zippered dropseat bottom, saves me from having to totally undress to take care of nature's call.

The Body Sock is antimicrobial and resists normal skin bacteria, which causes body odor. It also will not absorb odors as other material does, which is an additional bonus to this outfit. It is meant to be the first layer against your skin, with all layering over the Body Sock.

My first experience wearing the Web Foots Body Sock® was while hunting in cool, drizzling rain. The rain, though not heavy, never let up and my outer clothing was soaked. I could not wait to go home, unzip the front zipper of the Body Sock, and let my husband feel my very dry and warm skin. It had passed the waterproof test. Though the manufacturer does not advertise that this outfit is waterproof, they state that the suit is "hydrophobic so it wicks moisture from the skin while repelling surface moisture." However you want to word it, the Body Sock kept me very warm and amazingly dry the entire hunt.

As I climbed into my tent on the night before the first day of gun season, I was surprised at how comfy I was with the temperatures right at 40 degrees and wearing nothing more than the Body Suit. I knew the temperatures would be dropping drastically though and prepared for the worst. With a sleeping bag and extra blanket, I snuggled down for what I feared might be a cold, sleepless night. Surprisingly though, I soon found myself kicking off the extra blanket. When the alarm on my cell phone went off the following morning, I woke from a great night's sleep and found a very tired husband, who'd had a very miserable night. Guess I should've gotten him a Webb Foot's Body Sock® too!

We had a very successful hunt that day and wearing only a pair of camo jeans and lightweight jacket over my Body Sock, I spent the entire day in the cool outdoors enjoying time with my favorite hunting partner and watching the wildlife which is so abundant here in the Ozark Mountains. I might also add that I harvested a mature 8 point buck that afternoon.

I applaud Carol Davis for her accomplishments in producing high-quality undergarments specifically designed for keeping us warm during our outdoor adventures. She has been producing thermal garments since 1995, and started specializing in thermal undergarments in 1998.

Web Foots Body Socks are available in all sizes from children to adult, so don't just get yourself one. Get everyone in your family a Web Foots Body Sock®.

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