My name is Patricia Strutz and I am a fishing guide in northern Wisconsin. I'm also an outdoor writer, (Musky Hunter, Muskies, Wisconsin Outdoor News, Badger Sportsman,etc.) and special events co-ordinator at Guide's Choice Pro Shop in Eagle River, Wisconsin. So, you can see I'm very interested and involved in fishing.

It is truly a mission of mine to get more women out on the water. I write many articles and give presentations on this subject. They cover the psychology of encouraging women to fish, describe ways to teach the necessary skills, and discuss "women-friendly" fishing gear.

To this end, I am inviting all of you fisherwomen to join me on an incredible fishing trip. Guide's Choice has been teaching fishing school trips for many years. Schools are offered in northern Wisconsin, Mexico, and Canada. Many different species are targeted-from the elusive muskellunge to scrappy smallmouth bass and marlin!

These schools are a wonderful, safe way to learn no matter what your skill level is. Whether you are a novice or an accomplished angler the instructors will customize your school experience to provide an educational and entertaining vacation.

A lot of options are available.I attend most of the schools in Canada and Wisconsin. I have an 18' Crestliner Fishhawk that has room for three anglers (including myself). So, two gals would be welcome to fish out of my boat! If you have access to your own boat you are, of course, welcome to bring it. Most of the camps have rental boats available, too. Sometimes a husband & wife will come up. The wife will fish with me for a few days while the hubby fishes with a different fishing buddy. We can change partners throughout the trip if you wish. My husband joins us once in a while, too. If necessary, part of the school experience can teach you how to drive your boat (from trailering to basic boat control). We will also patiently help you learn how to run a trolling motor, read your depthfinder and gps unit, and fish for your preferred species!

The pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness is something every outdoorsperson should experience. While out on the lake you will enjoy unparalleled glimpses of nature. Black bears and moose swim from island to island while eagles soar overhead. Loons welcome extraordinary sunsets with their plaintive cries. I encourage each of you to contemplate taking this trip of a lifetime with us. Since the instructors are in constant contact with us (we have marine radios) it is a safe experience on and off the water.

Prices include lodging, meals, maps, powerpoint presentations and "hands on" where-to and how-to seminars and demonstrations. We can help you get rigged up with the proper gear (rods, reels, fishing tackle) before hand or you can opt to use some of our equipment.

And it's not all fishing! There's plenty of opportunity to kick back and relax! Take a hike on a nearby island, pick blueberries, or just soak up the sun and catch up on some reading. Meals are wonderful-our Thursday evening shoredinner (fried walleye with all the fixings) is a much anticipated event! And, for those of you not wishing to rough it.check out some of the amenities. Pipestone Point Resort schools offer whirlpool bathtubs, a waterfall lounge, 50-inch satellite tv, fireplace, gorgeous landscaping, and much more!

Hope I have you interested! Now, for all the specifics please check out the website at: www.guideschoicefishingschools.com This will provide you with detailed descriptions of each school trip. You can also call 1-800-990-0123 and speak with the owner, Rick Krueger. He can answer any questions you may have and send out a dvd with footage of last year's trips.

I look forward to chasing some bronzebacks on Chequamegon Bay or fighting a trophy musky together in the wilds of Canada. I appreciate you sharing this invitation with members of your fishing group or any other folks you may think it would interest.

Best Regards,
Patricia Strutz

P.S. My guide website is: www.ablondandherboat.com You will find my contact info there.

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